Thursday, June 19, 2008

Miami / Eco Media / CBS Partnership Goes Nationwide

Mayors from throughout the country are leading the way toward reducing the impact of global climate change. To date, over 850 of us have signed on to the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement pledging to implement the Kyoto Protocol in our cities.

And yet, while the mayors move forward, the federal government still drags its feet on this issue, especially in the area of providing funding for green issues. Mayors are working, but funding is limited. This is where Eco Media and CBS come in.

Through a partnership with the City, Eco Media and CBS generate ad revenues that go to the city for green projects - including the first major city to use solar power in its city hall. Best of all, these projects come at no cost to the taxpayer.

And now, we have announced this model that started in Miami is available to my colleagues nationwide - every mayor can take advantage of this great partnership, making our planet a better place to live.