Saturday, July 12, 2008

Critical Mass and the Bike Action Plan

Today is the 2nd anniversary of Critical Mass in the City of Miami. Critical Mass is a monthly bike ride planned and organized through Emerge Miami, a local activist organization that engages a broad spectrum of issues including environmental sustainability, education, and alternative transportation.

There was much to celebrate when the bike ride stopped for a lunch break at Peacock Park. Members of my Bike Action Committee and I were on hand to discuss bike routes throughout Miami where cyclists use them most. It was an informal event, but also an important one, with nearly 50 riders participating. Results from these conversations and from a brief online bicycling survey put together by Critical Mass/Emerge Miami (that you can fill out here) will be used in the City of Miami Bike Action Plan. The Plan, which I will bring to the City Commission this Fall, details the ways that we are working together to make Miami a bike-friendly city for everyone.