Friday, March 20, 2009

Miami Flagship City for Earth Hour 2009

I'm proud to say that the City of Miami is among just ten American Flagship Cities chosen by the World Wildlife Fund to lead our country's participation in Earth Hour 2009, the global campaign to raise awareness and promote unity in the fight against climate change. Last year, Miami was the first city in America to turn off its lights as part of the WWF marketing campaign leading up to the event. This year, we are hosting several events across the Greater Miami area to help everyone understand how together, we can make a real difference.

Earth Hour is not a blackout, but an invitation to turn off all unecessary lights - in our homes, businesses and on our most iconic buildings - to make a global statement of concern and a commitment to finding solutions. City Hall, the Bank of America Tower and the Freedom Tower are just a few of the buildings that will go dark. Please join us at one of the City's events or visit for more information. You can also watch the official video here.

And please, remember to turn off your lights on Saturday, March 28th from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.