Monday, July 20, 2009

Bike Miami Rides through Mimo with Great Success

Bike Miami Rides brought 65 new and experienced cyclists to Miami's historical MiMo district this Sunday. Thanks to everyone who took part and who are taking responsibility for becoming safer users of our city, county and state roads.

I would also like to thank everyone who has written to me and my staff about their experience on Sunday. One participant wrote:
"I took part in the Bike Miami Ride (BMR) this last Sunday, July 19th, 2009. I want to express my great delight with this program, I have lived in Miami since 1968, and yet we traveled through neighborhoods that I was not familiar with (East Buena Vista just to name one). I enjoyed that we traveled through the area and sited new restaurants and other businesses that I'll return to and try out thanks to BMR exposing me to this area.The route also took us past the Haitian Cultural Center, that was an eye-opening experience. Another reason I enjoyed this ride was because of the fine work the City of Miami Police Bike Patrol did. They were very friendly and helpful as they shepherded us through the streets and kept us safe. It was a special treat to have Police Chief John Timoney with us too. I also want to mention how great the NET office was. [The NET Administrator] opened the office and provided cold water bottles to the 65 or so participants. I want to heartily thank her for her service in addition to yours in informing us of the bicycling laws and rules of the road and acting as our tour guide. I would be remiss if I didn't mention Collin Worth and the yeoman's work he has done in promoting cycling in the City of Miami. I have had the pleasure of attending 3 Bike Miami Days and now this Bike Miami Ride, and will continue to take advantage of these rides in the future. I want to encourage the city to continue and even expand this program. because Miami is such an expansive city and not easily traveled on foot I believe it has become imperative that Miami become a more bike-friendly city and that we foster a bicycling culture. The Bike Miami Days/Rides, go long way in meeting both objectives and want to vocalize my support and encouragement. Additionally support and recognition are also in order for other organizations such as Critical Mass which has a chapter in Miami and also does much to educate and encourage cycling here.Thanks again and keep up the fantastic work! Regards, JOHN C."
For more information about these rides, please visit the Bike Miami Team Blog HERE.