Monday, November 2, 2009

Mexican President in Miami for the 15th Annual Latin Trade Symposium

President Calderon of Mexico made his first visit to the City of Miami this weekend. President Calderon was here to receive the BRAVO Business Award for “Leader of the Year,” as part of the 15th Annual Latin Trade Symposium. The Symposium, organized in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank and the Americas Society/Council of the Americas, focuses on the hemisphere’s response to the global economic crisis and how Latin American companies are giving back to their communities. The event brought more than 300 international business, government and social leaders to Downtown Miami.
In the last eight years, Miami has truly become the epicenter of the Americas. It was an honor to welcome the Mexican President and the Latin Trade Symposium to the Magic City.
For more information about the City of Miami in the international context, please visit the Mayor's International Council website HERE.