Monday, April 21, 2008

Free Computers and my Blog in the News

This morning I joined Dr. Rudy Crew to congratulate the first 600 students to complete our Rites of Passage through Elevate Miami - These 600 6th graders have earned a free computer to take home with free Internet access. To learn more about Elevate Miami, visit: or my website

It was great how one student from each of the schools involved spoke with us about what these computers mean to them.

Andres Castro from Shenandoah Middle stood up and shared with us how he loves technology and wants to go to college to be a computer engineer - he said the door to his dreams has been opened with this free computer.

Too bad the Miami Herald did not send a reporter, they were too busy writing about my blog.

Had they been there, they would have been able to speak to any one of 600 sixth graders who now have a free computer at home, with free net access, and are not only now able to surf the web, but read my blog as well...

Stay tuned for my State of the City address, this next Thursday -