Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Elevate Miami Testimonials

When I started Elevate Miami, I wanted to help our citizens, regardless of age, to improve their digital literacy. Through our many training centers around the city, we have touched thousands of residents. Some of them have let us know how helpful and life-changing their classes with Elevate Miami have been. It’s always nice to see just how much our community is learning by hearing from them directly. Below are some examples of written testimonials we’ve received via their newly-created email addresses that truly showcase the impact this program is having on their lives. In these difficult economic times, these messages help reinforce the type of work we do and why we do it.
To learn more about Elevate Miami, please visit their website.

“I write to you today to thank you for offering these classes. I was sick and tired of having to ask for favors when I needed something done in the computer. When I visited Sisters & Brothers Forever and saw a sign announcing the computer classes. I decided to take one, despite fear that I was too old to take it. I found a very comforting and friendly environment very favorable for my age, and the teachers were very patient and full of love and other classmates who had the same fear as me. Today I can be informed of what is happening in the world and I can send emails. I am very thankful to Elevate Miami.”

“I am very happy because the classes are very friendly and interesting, and I have learned a lot about how to send an email. It is amazing how much I have learned. I have a computer and have never been able to use it because of lack of experience. Thanks to these classes, I can now write and communicate with my friends who are far away.”

“Through this wonderful communications medium, the computer, I can tell you that I am happy to learn. En each class, I learn more. Thank you for the opportunity that you have given the community, to seniors and to people of all ages. My experience has been wonderful.”

“I have learned a lot in a computer that it is very entertaining. The teacher is very special. I wanted to learn a lot and also hope to work in a place. I feel this computer class mean a lot to individuals. It’s like going to a place and to me it looked kind of scary but in reality its not. It’s like going for a vacation with nice individuals, and especially the teachers are nice and the ones who work there too. It’s like being in the library and you are learning and having much fun. It’s unexplainable. The Miami Herald Newspaper advertisement got me to these classes and to me it’s like a dream come true. I am very grateful for this and the United States of America also the government. Thank You. God Bless America.”