Monday, October 27, 2008

Operation Hope for Haiti Continues

The devastation wrought upon the residents of Haiti cannot be measured by words. Families have been left destitute and the infrastructure of a once vibrant nation has been left in shambles. Our mission to help our Caribbean neighbor cannot end yet.
I urge everyone to attend a fund-raising event where I, along with Miami commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones, will announce that World Vision, a philanthropic organization that has concentrated much of its efforts to cumulating relief for Haiti, will match all of our contributions 3:1.
This means that every dollar that is donated to these efforts will be matched by $3 contribution from World Vision, an incredibly generous donation.
The event will be held this Thursday, October 30, from 5:30 pm to 7:00pm at the Doubletree Grand Hotel at 1717 North Bayshore Drive.
The suggested contribution for the event is $500.00. Please make all checks payable to World Vision.
This is a critical moment for us in the City of Miami to aid those Haitians that have been left in despair by the four storms that hindered the island at the height of the Hurricane season. I am asking the generous residents of our City to open their hearts and wallets to aid our neighbors. Their country has been left severely crippled, but our hope for them must remain strong.
To find out more about World Vision, and their work in Haiti, please visit their website.