Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Your Emails About Bike Miami Days

Bike Miami Days is about community, and I want to thank each one of you who has taken the time to share your experience with me. I've received emails from people living in Downtown and also from as far away as Lee County, San Francisco and Chile.
Here are some excerpts from your emails. Please, keep them coming.

"Allow me to congratulate you for a great Bike Miami Days season. I followed your blog from the beginning and the results speak of passion and great team effort, a great leadership! Truly your office is changing our weekend activities and makes it cozy to be out in the streets of Miami. I am proud to be part of the community of the City of Miami."- Julieta R.

"Mayor, Your work in implementing the ciclovia actually made me consider moving to Miami. it's just an incredible town, but it's been completely ruined by cars. You've taken a bold step to try to save Miami from car culture. In fact, I'm still considering Miami. In cities with developing bike infrastructure, like Portland and Austin, young 'creative' workers flock -- even without jobs. I know - I was one of them. Congratulations, keep up the good work, and best of luck!" - Peter S.

"I just wanted to say how much my family enjoyed all of the Bike Miami Days. It is wonderful to have a safe, fun biking event that my 3-year-old daughter loves. Please keep Bike Miami Days going! They are not only fun, but they show Miami to be the amazing, progressive city that
it is." - Kristin H.

"Bike Miami Days = GREAT. I would like to add my compliments to the Mayor and all the City staff and volunteers for organizing the Bike Miami Days events. What a fantastic idea! I participated, and I’m glad I did, and encourage the City to do more things like this." Victor D.

"Sunday, May 17th was the first time that I was able to enjoy this event. It was absolutely wonderful. We will be back in October. It was so special to ride our bikes down streets that I had only been on in a car. I was able to see Miami from a totally different view." -Juanita G.

"I just wanted to write to you about what a great time I had at Bike Miami Days. I think it's a great way to get people together and celebrate what it's like to not be dependent on a car. I'm proud to say Miami is showing a commitment to giving more power to getting on two wheels and peddling as transportation. I get around on my bicycle, be it to go to school (starting in the fall it'll be FIU!), visit a friend, do the groceries or anything else. I've had the option to get a car and I really don't think I need one! Anyways, thanks for showing Miami a great time and setting up Bike Miami Days. Please keep up the good work!" -Joseph O.

"The only person who loves Bike Miami Days more than my kids is me! Thank you Miami. I have to drive from Hollywood but it’s worth it." - Veena

"Even though we got to the event almost at the end, we were able to enjoy the freedom of the closed streets. We rode around Biscayne Boulevard, Bayside, Bayfront Park, Intercontinental, and Brickell. We did have a wonderful time. We cannot wait until October!!! Thanks a lot to City of Miami for the great effort of bringing free entertainment to Miami."- Vicky C.
"Thanks to Bike Miami Days, I've rediscovered Downtown Miami and found Mary Brickell Village. It's been years since I went Downtown - and it's beautiful. I don't bike, but my husband and I like to walk the route each month. We look forward to the next one soon. Thank you." - Kathy K.

"May 17th was a wonderful event; my first time and we arrived early and it was such a thrill having major streets closed off and well-protected by Miami police and their aides for the enjoyment and the safety of the riders; it is truly a wonderful undertaking and we have the Mayor and the City to thank over and over again; all bikers, walkers and skaters should take time to enjoy the fun and celebration the next time around." -S. Hendrixx, Pinecrest.
"I just wanted to take a moment to thank the City of Miami for initiating this idea and taking it to fruition so successfully. I've riden my bike in many cities (San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Madrid, London, Toronto) and value the effort put forth by local government to allow alternative modes of transportation in auto-centric city infrastructures. Please continue to fund and support more bike-friendly venues and dare I say, add focus to more well-designed and neighborhood-connected bikepaths throughout our beautifully sunny City! THANK YOU and looking forward to many more rides!" - Yeraldine O.

Thank you again. I promise to keep the bicycling and walking community events coming. In the meantime, I hope you will continue to share your experiences with me. You can email me HERE and also fill out a survey about how we can improve bicycle facilities in the City of Miami HERE. The results will be used for the City's Bicycle Master Plan.