Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bike Miami Days Receives Two Prestigious Recognitions

Miami’s largest pedestrian and bicycle-friendly street festival, Bike Miami Days, has received two prestigious honors from the Association of Pedestrian & Biking Professionals (APBP) and the Florida Bicycle Association.

The APBP has named Kathryn Moore, Mayor’s Aide and Bike Miami Days organizer, as Young Professional of the Year for her work in Bike Miami Days. The award was created this year and it will be given during Walk21, the 10th International Conference on Walking and Livable Communities, held in New York City on October 7 - 9.

Additionally, the Florida Bicycle Association selected Bike Miami Days and Bike Miami Rides to receive the Event of the Year Award on behalf of Bike Miami Days and Bike Miami Rides.

“We would like to recognize your efforts and achievements that help us deliver our mission to inspire and support people and communities to enjoy greater freedom and well being through bicycling,” reads the association’s announcement.

I am proud that the cycling community has recognized our efforts to make Miami a more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly city, and I hope to see Bike Miami Days continue with the support of our community.
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UPDATE: What the Florida Bicycle Association has to say about Bike Miami Days:
"Program or Event: Mayor Manny Diaz and Kathryn Moore, City of Miami: Bike Miami Days
In 2008 the City of Miami began to develop and implement an ambitious Bicycle Action Plan. The BAP included the usual program areas: engineering, education, and enforcement. The key to making the plan a success was showing that bicycling was popular among City residents and that investing in bicycling would bring substantial returns. The Bike Miami Days events were an ambitious strategy that proved that Miamians wanted safe opportunities to ride their bikes and helped build support for the other elements in the Action Plan. The seven BMD events closed over two miles of streets in downtown Miami to motorized traffic (one event took place in Coconut Grove) and were attended by over 10,000 participants. The closed streets allowed families, new cyclists, frequent riders and those that had not been on their bikes in years to experience on-road riding. In addition to the usual partners that are brought into a bicycling event, the City included artists, environmentalists, yoga teachers, fixed-gear riders, and the Dutch Consulate in Bike Miami Days. When the weather got too hot for a half-day street closure, Bike Miami Days were transformed into Bike Miami Rides: 8-10 mile explorations of the city that emphasized inclusiveness, vehicular-style riding and basic bicycle safety education. The four Bike Miami Rides held since June have each attracted 30-50 riders. BMD resumed October 4, 2009. It is not an exaggeration to say that Mayor Diaz’ vision and leadership were essential for the existence, of the Bike Miami Day and Bike Miami Ride events. Essential cooperation from the Police and Sanitation Departments, merchants, residents and property owners would not have been forthcoming without the Mayor’s direct involvement. Kathryn Moore coordinated each of the events and used her organizational skill and personal charisma to make each one a success. All of the Bike Miami Days and Bike Miami Rides events are documented at: "
- Manny