Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Miami 21: Second Reading this Thursday

Tomorrow is an important day for the City of Miami. The Miami Commission will have before them the opportunity to formally, and finally, approve Miami 21, the blueprint for a sustainable city. Miami 21, the result of over 500 public meetings over 4 years, has now been unanimously approved by the South Florida Regional Planning Council and vetted by the State Department of Community Affairs. All that remains is for a Second Reading by the City Commission, scheduled to take place tomorrow at 2:00pm at City Hall.

I want to thank all of you who have participated in the most democratic planning process in our city's history. We have received thousands of your emails, phone calls and comments. The City of Miami is ready for a plan that promotes sustainability, walkability, pedestrian-friendly streets, bicycling, historic preservation, open spaces and health. We are ready for a plan that recognizes a need to address climate change, obesity and a changing global economy.

One last time, I hope that you will join us in support of Miami 21 during the Regular Meeting of the City Commission, this Thursday at 2:00pm.